To provide prefabricated houses and caravans to Syrian refugees

Syria prefab houses and Refugee camps

RAF to provide prefabricated houses and caravans to Syrian refugees

Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF) is discussing the issue of supplying prefabricated houses and caravans to shelter the Syrian refugees at the Zaatari Refugee Camp located in the border area between Syria and Jordan.

The RAF’s plan consists supplying and furnishing prefabricated houses and caravans with all necessary housing requirements to the benefit of Syrian families, in addition to health and toilets facilities for men and woman, mosques, schools, mobile kitchens, and mobile dispensaries.

RAF is also seeking to extend particular attention to health care issue through providing ambulances, site hospitals, medical supplies and equipment, in addition to furnishing the caravans with mattresses, blankets, and various requirements of hygiene.

Prefabricated caravans and housing units are ready to use units that can be manufactured quickly and in big quantities responding on time to urgent needs. Karmod that has gained wealth of experience since it was established in 1986 is now one of the world leaders in prefabricated industry with its products exported to more than 74 countries worldwide.

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