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The High Performance Modular Homes You Want.
Karmod Prefab Modular Homes has the resources and experience to build and deliver the high performance modular home you want. From selecting the plans and features to the finished home, we make building a modular home easy. Builders looking to improve their business or homeowners looking to create a home with exactly the design and features they want, let us show you how easy building a high performance modular home can be.
High Performance Design For All Sizes of Modular Homes.
If you are a builder or a homeowner working with a builder, we will make building modular homes easy by managing and implementing all of the details. Whether you are looking to build 100 or 500 square feet, we believe that building the modular home you want should be an exciting, hassle free experience.
Karmod Prefab Homes—More Than Just Modular Homes.
We don’t just build modular homes. We build HiPerformance systems-built homes.

HiPerformance homes include: HiPerformance Construction, HiPerformance Design and HiPerformance Green.

The benefits of building high performance modular homes with modular construction are ease and efficiency that is greater than site-built counterparts. Our high performance design offers a no-compromise approach that result in high-quality modular homes built for long-term living with lower utility costs.

High performance modular home design also includes many shades of Green building levels that outperform site-built homes.

Nationwide high performance modular homes are backed with over 30 years of experience. Experience you can build on.

Getting Started With High Performance Modular Home Construction.
Start by searching our modular home floor plans for the features you want: square feet, bedrooms, bathrooms or number of floors. We’re sure that you’ll find what you’re looking for

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