Post Offices and Bank Branches are recently demanding Prefabricated Buildings

Special prefabricated buildings solutions for post offices and banks branches

Post offices and banks are always looking to expand their branches number and reach to as many customers as possible. For this they became more in favor of prefabricated buildings, especially for branches in rural areas, as prefabricated buildings represent long life, quick and economical solution.

Karmod prefabricated offices buildings are produced at the factory and then assembled at the desired location as ready to use.

Prefabricated branch offices from Karmod can be produced as single-storey or two-storey. Size and plan can be customized according to customer’s needs. Different functional comfortable areas can be added to the branch if required such as: reception desk, customer service representative rooms, director’s room, computer room, library, kitchen, WC/shower units and so on.

Seamless screw system production technology is being used in producing prefabricated post office and bank branches buildings. It can also represent best and safest solutions for:

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