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Container homes tanzania

The Karmod Modular Conatiner system

is a multi-purpose accommodation solution built within the dimensions of a standard 20’ container, but with the ability to pack down to 25% of its assembled size. The flatpack container stack is transported in a ‘nest’ of four units, which has ISO standard external dimensions with corner castings. It is constructed with interchangeable panels allowing an infinite number of designs. .

The system can be transported completely knocked down (CKD). Transportation of the units is 75% more efficient than a standard converted container. Perfect for use in remote locations.

Single modules can easily be moved, once on site, using a forklift or sling crane. A standard modular container has a tare weight of two tons.

Due to the interchangeable panel design, modules can be built to any floor plan specification. Standard modules are fitted with one door, two windows, roll down shutters and all electrical fittings. Additional fittings are available to add extras such as aircon, showers, toilets, security bars etc.

The modular frame is manufactured from cold-formed steel, resulting in reduced weight and increased strength. The panels are made from a combination of a galvanized and painted steel sheet metal exterior, with non-combustible mineral wool insulation.

Single modules can easily be joined across both a longitudinal and transverse plane.

Flexible floor plan designs
Revolutionary design of the completely interchangeable panels, there are an infinite number of floor plans which can be configured.

The modular system allows for the quick and simple erection of a temporary or semi-permanent camp or commune. A double-storey structure can easily be created by simply stacking two assembled single units.Once assembly is complete, the units can be furnished in various ways to create offices, accommodation, boardrooms etc.

The unit can be assembled quickly and easily with a small team.

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