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Prefabricated modular commercial buildings

With over 27 years of experience in prefabricated buildings manufacturing, Karmod provides its customers with innovative modular school buildings. Karmod has worked closely with schools, colleges and universities contractors to serve their space needs with innovative range of products that is especially created for the education sector. Karmod products include: school buildings, classrooms, management and teachers offices, laboratories, libraries, computer rooms, students accommodation, dining halls, kitchen, toilets and showers.

Student modular dormitory buildings, Modular Dormitories, Modular Student Housing

It is becoming more and more important for education sector to accommodate the ever increasing number of enrolled students every year. A need has emerged for quick and cost effective solutions to students housing, and Karmod was among the first to offer modular construction solutions that provide many benefits to customers. Prefabricated education buildings from Karmod are produced at Karmod facilities under strict quality control and supervision of experienced staff, then the product is transported and fixed quickly at the final building site.

Prefabricated Modular Hospital Wards Portable Clinics Suites

One of the main sectors that Karmod is dedicated to is the healthcare sector. Karmod is the leading provider of custom-designed modular health facilities in the Turkey. With focus on the healthcare industry and its unique needs Karmod offers both permanent and temporary structures, including modular office trailers and portable buildings.
Permanent and temporary modular clinics, patients rooms, operation rooms, staff accommodation, dining halls…etc. Karmod solutions allow faster return on investment as they are quickly produced and installed with superior quality and cost effectiveness.

Karmod Prefabricated Buildings deliver a full range of modular building solutions for healthcare including:
Diagnostic Imaging Centers, Acute Care Facilities, Dialysis Clinics, Medical Office Building,Outpatient Clinics, Prefabricated Hospital Wards, Laboratories, Isolation Wards, Aseptic/ Sterile Facilities, Intensive Care Units/ High Dependency Units, Cleanrooms, Modular Operating Theatres, Outpatient Clinics, Private Hospitals, Private Consultant Rooms, Administrative Space, GP Surgeries, Physical Therapy Centres, Medical Training Facilities & Classrooms, Plant Rooms, Portable Hospital Suites

Relocatable tourism prefab modular holiday village solutions

The tourism sector is growing rapidly as more and more destinations are becoming famous and as it is becoming easier to people to travel around the world. In many tourism destinations there is a need for relocatable accommodation solutions to serve the urgent needs. For this reason Karmod has developed a wide range of products that   can meet the exact needs of tourism sector quickly and cost effectively. Karmod produces transportable cabins through a unique and state of the art manufacturing process providing its customers with reliable high quality products. Karmod cabins are important to the tourism sector as they can be used as tourists information kiosks, food and beverage kiosks, newspapers and magazines selling cabins, security cabins and many other functions.

Karmod also offers a complete range of prefabricated holiday village buildings to the tourism sector. karmod provides amenities, conference facilities, reception offices, laundries, dining halls, kitchens, dormitories…etc

Examples of Karmod projects

Modular hospital construction, Drill Camps, Oil field Accommodations, Oil field Container camp jobs, Modular Classrooms, Prefabricated School Buildings, Modular Dormitories, Modular Student Housing , Student modular dormitory buildings,  Modular nurseries buildings relocatable buildings for creches, Prefabricated Modular Nursery Buildings and Nursery Classrooms, Modular Hospital Wards, Modular Operating Theatres & Portable Hospital Suites

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