Karmod a world leader in cabins manufacturing

Cabins and kiosks for all purposes 

Established in 1986, Karmod undertook offering innovative and new products solutions in the prefabricated buildings industry. The 28 years journey of Karmod has witnessed a lot of successes and the launching of many innovative products and continuous development of production lines and methods to cope with the latest technological advancements in this field.

Since it was established Karmod worked on reinforcing certain values and understandings like the quality assurance, customer satisfaction and the Development and qualifying of its human resources. In application of these values Karmod succeeded in gaining the ISO 9001:2000 certificate and the TSEK certificated for committing to Turkish quality standards. Karmod also built a highly qualified and experienced team of engineers, architects and technical staff. All previous mentioned values together made Karmod a choice for more than 10,000 customers around the world and positioned Karmod among the world leading companies in prefabricated building solutions field.

Karmod range of products includes prefabricated buildings, prefabricated houses, cabins, containers and steel structures. Each of these groups includes wide options of products with different dimensions, plans and designs that meet the needs of different customers. Placing customer satisfaction on top of its priorities, Karmod also produces prefabricated solutions that are customized according to customers’ expectations with their own plans and designs needs.

One of the main products of Karmod is ready to use cabins that Karmod takes pride in being a world leader in producing polyester cabins thanks to the state of the art production technology which allows mass production according to different sizes and plans. Wherever you were in Turkey you will find our cabins in the main squares and roads in addition to 74 other countries around the world.

Karmod cabins are modular products produced from prefabricated sandwich panels that are insulated and come as disassembled for easy shipping and cost saving. Cabins are assembled on site by our experienced teams. Karmod cabins enjoy many advantages that distinguish them from other products:

  • Light weight structures that are easy to lift without the need for cranes
  • Unique innovative painting system that leaves no unpleasant odor
  • Cabin surface is smooth and has glossy look
  • Cabin is perfectly insulated against voice, heat, cold and water
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • All parts come as ready to use such as doors, windows, electricity and water networks with their fixtures and fittings and floor covering
  • All parts and raw materials are chosen from among top quality brands in the market
  • Multiple usages
  • Modern cabins are available with beautiful designs and different cladding options that go on with the architectural texture of modern cities
  • Environmentally-friendly as its materials are recyclable
  • Standard cabins are always available in stock and can be shipped directly
  • Competitive and economical prices
  • Different dimensions, plans and designs that meet different customers needs

Karmod cabins are being used in different areas such as: security cabin, guard cabin, embassy entrance security cabin, police control point cabin, customs point cabin, highway control cabin, post office cabin, paid roads control point cabin, gendarme and police office, military cabin, WC and shower cabin, dormitory cabin, home cabin, house cabin, emergency accommodation cabin, caravan cabin, portable cabin, mobile cabin, living cabin, workers accommodation cabin, work site cabin, construction site cabin, wide big cabin, modern cabin, standard cabin, modular cabin, polyester cabin, polyurethane cabin, branded cabin, food and beverage kiosk,  fast food kiosk, buffet cabin, cafeteria cabin, newspapers and magazines stall, tickets and cards selling kiosk, customer service cabin, information center cabin, mosque cabin, administrative office cabin, smoking room cabin, kitchen cabin, dining hall cabin, lounge cabin, maid room cabin, gardener cabin, security room cabin, living unit cabin, taxi stall cabin, car park access control cabin, airport entrance cabin, public part guard house cabin, exhibitions reception cabin, worker camps cabins and in many other areas.

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