Prefabricated Modular Workforce Accommodations

Superior quality camp for your workers and Oilfield Workforce Housing

Karmod Prefabricated Modular units can offer you installations of superior quality, surpassing the standards of the industry. If you wish to offer different installations with special equipment to your employees, we can meet your needs and more! Lavish comfort, beyond your imagination!

You have a project in a remote area that necessitates accommodations for your employees? Invest in their comfort by selecting one of our modular housing solutions. Karmod Prefabricated Modular’s camps have the advantage of being mostly built in our factory which allows the building of projects in areas where the transportation of materials is extremely difficult, where weather conditions are rigorous and manpower is scarce. This type of building can also allow you to save time on your project.

Whether your camps are permanent or temporary, Karmod Modular gives you the opportunity to deal with a general contractor that offers you more than just bedrooms:
Prefab Modular Sleeping Accommodations
Prefab Modular Kitchen and Diners
Prefab Washcars
Prefab Modular Recreational Facilities
Prefab Modular Administrative Building
Prefab Modular Laboratory
Prefab Modular Conference Room
Prefab Modular Locker Room / Mine Dry
Sleeping Accommodations, Kitchen/Diner Modules, Recreation Facilities, Portable Wellsites, Drill Camps, Washcars, Dongas & Bunk houses, Major Workforce Camps
Our workforce housing solutions are adapted to your needs, whatever they are, without sacrificing their quality or their efficiency. Karmod Prefabricated Modular listens to you and understands your dilemma; they can help you resolve your construction problems. Essential comfort, beyond your expectation

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