Social public housing projects – Prefabricated modular homes

We are committed to doing all we can to move better housing into Social Housing Programs across the globe.

Where high volume meets high demand to take on the most pressing social housing needs!

Meeting large-scale social housing challenges means more than just offering low cost and high volume. Job creation, cultural styling, and meeting local housing standards are equally important. Each Karmod Prefabricated Houses solution is intended to be designed, approved, produced, and supported locally. This made-in-country or “teach to fish” approach to housing is our model

Social Housing Designs Examples


The social housing condition around the world are hindered by several key elements: availability of raw materials, skilled labor, and low cost yet adequate construction. Karmod Prefabricated Shelters is changing all that with the social housing family of products (see our products page). The Karmod Prefabricated Housing family ranges from single room structures to multi-room housing capable of delivering in volume to the various social housing programs being undertaken across the globe.

In keeping with our mission and passion to serve the poor it is extremely important that we deliver the absolute best products that we can without increasing price. We also assist in the local economies through job creation and consuming local building materials that are available in the region. Although we can supply everything that is needed for a complete social housing project we really focus on the core technology and integrate elements like windows and doors, electrical, plumbing, and fixtures that local contractors and manufacturers can supply.

This strategy works well for many construction contractors who are seeking government contracts or contracts through the local public housing authority and need to be cost competitive. When working out the details for a social housing program we work closely with the construction contractor to ensure the aesthetics of the designs as well as the design specifications of the design are met. Our engineering team, in conjunction with the contractor evaluate the specifications and design requirements and create the house according to plan.

Not only do we meet the design specifications but in many ways we can exceed the specifications in areas like thermal insulation offering an interior living condition and lower energy consumption then traditional construction methods. And we can do it at speeds unheard of in the industry.

Without a doubt, social housing programs are needed to provide low cost affordable homes to many people who might otherwise never have a chance to purchase a home. If you are a contractor and need more information on how we can assist you to meet your low cost social housing program requirements, please contact us now.

Key Points & Strenghts

•Buildings with matchless Energy Saving & Sustainability Standard
•Maximum architectural flexibility
•Predetermined costs and time to market
•Reduced time, comparing with normal methodologies, to get the building faster than all other traditional solutions
•Earthquake proof buildings
•Tailor made buildings with customizable
Cost-Effective and High Precision Building Solution

•Once terminated the General Infrastructure Project, Karmod will develop the Detailed Building Project. This activity allow the identification of all the components required for the final building in order to define a detailed and effective costs estimation.
•Considering the Detailed Building Project all the items shall be manufactured in the plant with high quality equipment and the elements shipped in the site will be perfect allowing to avoid typical problems connected with the concrete construction approach (i.e. non straight walls).

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