Social housing africa, Affordable low income housing

Social Prefab housing africa

Having a proper house is a basic need of mankind and good standard of living is the key indicator.  Africa continent is home to more than 1 billion people, in its cities less than 10 per cent of people live in decent housing.
According to UN reports, estimates that 7000 new homes a day are needed in Africa to cope with its housing needs and Social Prefab housing method is the way to resolve the shortage of housing in Africa.
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At Karmod, Constructing affordable homes for millions of people is our key goal. The conventional Building methods can no longer represent a solution to the increasing demand on houses due to increasing population, and this is where prefabricated methods came to meet this demand. Prefab building technologies allow developers and governments to rapidly erect housing complexes. Prefab housing creates affordable housing solutions and a substantial number of jobs for the local population.
When researching on the subject of Prefabricated Homes, you can find Karmod as one of the Pioneer companies in this sector with hundreds of Projects around the world.

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