Small prefab cabins – Small Modular cabins for sale

Perfect small prefab modular cabins 

Small prefab modular cabins are tiny houses, and an exciting new trend in housing options. They come in areas with less than 50 square meters. A little place is cheap and easy to own and maintain. Consider a micro home.

Karmod as a world leader producer of prefab modular cabins have received a lot of attention over the last few years. On Karmod website you can find wide range of cabins sizes and plans ranging from 1.5 * 1.5m to 3.9 * 12.3m. All are designed to be suitable for living, with bathroom, kitchen and other functions can be included in the plan.

Karmod cabins are produced as disassembled at Karmod factory by using state of the art production technology, then they are transported to the required location and are assembled by Karmod experts and delivered to customers as ready to use. Customers can add furniture and move in directly to their modular cabin.

Karmod cabins represent the future of temporary housing innovation — strong, efficient, easy-to-assemble kits of parts. If these go into volume production, prices could fall substantially.


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