On site containers and container homes

We are the best who can understand your site space needs

Site construction storage containers

Since it was established in 1986, Karmod has focused its strategy on providing its customers with the most secure and convenient products including portable containers. What differentiate Karmod from its competitors is the strong steel construction, aesthetic appearance and competitive prices. We provide you with best site containers and container homes solutions.

Whatever your site space needs are we can provide the best solution that meets your exact requirements. Whether you needed simple accommodation for few workers or a container city to accommodate thousands of workers, engineers, managers and other staff with all facilities they might need, then let karmod handle the project for you as we have what it takes to meet these demands.

Our aim has always been to achieve customer’s satisfaction through providing best quality for lowest cost possible. On site containers can be jointed together to form required building as single-storey and up to three-storey with required functions included such as: dormitories, dining hall, recreation rooms, WC and showers, kitchen, training rooms, meeting rooms…etc.

Our containers are fully produced in Karmod facilities as flat pack, then they are transported to the required location for assembly by our experienced personnel. They are then delivered as ready to use to customers.

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