Shelters – Prefabricated Modular Shelters

Environmentally-friendly low-cost houses, cabins, shelters for personal, commercial and industry sites.

As leaders in the prefabricated industry, Karmod has adapted their unique modular technology to the growing needs of the worldwide Prefabricated Modular Shelters market.

With the increasing demand for quick to assemble, affordable housing in developing countries and natural disaster zones, Karmod’s innovative Prefabricated Modular Shelters system fills the gap with a simple, highly insulated, energy efficient and sustainable building products.

For over 28 years we have been designing and manufacturing high quality, innovative building solutions for different purposes. Our customers tell us that our product lines’ diversity is what they like best. We are a one-stop-shop for all their interior and exterior building and modular shelter needs.

Whether it is a new guard booth, modular office, smoking shelter or equipment platform, they know we will have the product to fit their application. In addition to our products, we have the industries most experienced team of designers, production and sales personnel to assure that the product is built right and ships on time. On our website you can see application photos of our modular systems, prefabricated buildings and modular shelter systems.

A key component of Karmod’s composite panels is their unique thermoplastic fiber reinforced composite skin material. This skin, owned and manufactured exclusively by Karmod, forms the outer layer of the panels and offers unmatched durability and strength to these lightweight panels.

The special manufacturing process ensures the bonds between the fibres and Polyester material are nearly impenetrable. Impact resistant, impervious to water and made with 100% recyclable materials, the Fiberglass reinforced Polyester composite skin material gives Karmod Structure-Lite panels their incredible durability and versatility.

Their exclusive SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) system allows for virtually unlimited design possibilities, ranging from simple emergency shelters to expansive family homes. Their incredible energy efficient systems are also ideal for use in a wide range of climates and conditions around the globe. Karmod is in a prime position to meet the demands of the sustainable housing market and respond to natural disasters faster than any other manufactured housing supplier as their prefab modular Shelters can be assembled in hours or days as opposed to months.

Simply put, Karmod’s remarkable Prefabricated Modular Shelters system can provide quick relief for thousands of families needing a sustainable building solution in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost of traditional Shelters solutions on the market today.

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