Emergency shelter, Temporary shelters, Temporary Housing

Emergency Shelters and Temporary Housing 

Karmod Shelters housing systems not only produce homes and emergency shelter, we are strong producer of polyester cabins, prefabricated houses and modular buildings.

We’re focused on shelter designs that are easy to erect, can be built in large quantities and are affordable.

Karmod shelter house deploys rapidly and is built on site utilizing local resources and produces the most secure, longest lasting and well insulted shelter available. The panel shelter can be built on site or it can be pre-manufactured.

Karmod Buildings, offers a line of disaster shelter products that impact the way relief shelters are delivered to a disaster. Our approach makes it possible to deploy disaster shelter quickly, in very large quantities. Our emergency response shelters offer several advantages over traditional disaster shelters and tents: The Karmod Buildings, line of shelters are built to last. For decades and at an affordable price.

The advantages of  Karmod disaster shelter system not only lies in its low initial cost but it also can eliminate tents and transitional shelters. Karmod emergency disaster shelter gets to permanency quicker making a shelter home that is safe, secure, and durable. Deploying one disaster shelter, one time, and have that shelter stay with the recipient indefinitely is very efficient.

These Panel Shelters offer the same high insulation value of Karmod as well as provide ease of construction.  The Panel Shelters are rugged and balance between cost, performance, and ease of construction.  When shelters need to last many years, the Karmod Panel Shelter offers superb longevity.  The core materials used require little maintenance and the simplicity of design ensures there are few things to break.  In addition, our sturdy ridge beam ensures a strong and stable roof

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