Karmod is Producing Bread Selling Cabins That are Used by IHE

Karmod is producing bread selling cabins that are used by IHE (Istanbul Halk Ekmek, a government owned bread selling kiosk chain) for selling more than 2 million hygienic and economical breads every day. Karmod public bread selling buffet cabins can be found across all districts of Istanbul at about 500 selling point with custom made designs and ergonomic merchandising of bakery products.

Halk Ekmek Co. which is one of 23 companies of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, is the largest and most economical bread manufacturer in Turkey. Through Karmod buffet cabins, Halk Ekmek Co is selling more than 55 different products like whole wheat, normal, whole rye, pita bread, organic bread to the people of Istanbul.

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