Housing Projects With Livable Environment Assurance

Low Cost Family Prefabricated Housings

With the new cities in Istanbul, real estate residential projects are on the rise.

Nowadays with the use of modern construction technology many housing projects are being carried out with elegant designs. These projects include villas, residence, housing project and resorts. Housing projects are executed with customer expectations taken into consideration.

Nowadays in addition to meeting the need to classic accommodation, big complexes also offer recreation and entertainment facilities within. When talking about housing projects the following areas must be considered: fitness centre, gym, swimming pool, sauna, children play areas, golf courses, walking and sightseeing areas, parking areas and similar areas. Normally these functions can be found in big residential projects with high quality as well as other different additions in order to win competitive advantage in the market.

Because of the long period required to construct reinforced concrete buildings, huge environmental problems and the lack of flexibility in modification and expansion, many are going for the prefabricated alternative. Prefabricated housing projects can be manufactured in short time with demountable structures without any mistakes. They can be disassembled and reinstalled for many times and are very environmentally-friendly compared with concrete buildings. Thanks to the developments in prefabricated technologies in recent years the production period decreased, the houses are very easy to install and materials are fully used in production leaving no waste to damage the environment.

With modern prefabricated building manufacturing technology Karmod produces housing projects according to customer expectations and under control of expert architects and engineers. Karmod can produce customized houses according to customers’ expectations and budget. Whether you need single-storey or double-storey houses Karmod can produce long life houses through its modern technology in short time. As soon as project is approved by the client it is produced through automated production system in short time. The band production system uses CNC technology that allows error free production through all phases. All house parts and details are pre produced and are easily shipped to the installation site, and then assembling is being done by our expert installation teams on site.

The most important feature of our prefabricated housing projects is the quality control system followed through all production stages. Another very important feature is that assembling of prefabricated houses does not require special skills. All parts come included electric and plumbing, windows, interior doors, wall panels, roofing, gutters, steel door, WC-shower units, taps, electrical fittings and paint.

A happy and peaceful life is waiting for you with high level of safety and comfort with Karmod prefabricated houses.

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