Quiosco – PRFV Cabinas portátiles y Baños, Karmod Turquía

We fulfill the needs of each city

Karmod Quiosco, represents nowadays one of the pioneering Turquía companies in the field of industrial design applied to city equipment, all thanks to the intense and fruitful activity we have performed along our 30 years of existence.

Disponibles en poliéster o panel. Diferentes dimensiones y características. Diseño y calidad.

Millions of inhabitants that form our cities have got used during this time to a higher level of demand regarding the finishes of the city equipment found in the streets. Not only regarding the utility, comfort, security and practical aspects, but also in the added value of aesthetics and integration in the environment. In short, the object is to take our life in the city as pleasant as possible.

In this way, Karmod Quiosco, has always been in the first position about innovation, with an engineering able to develop all kinds of disigns adapted to the necessities of the cities. Necessities to which Karmod Quiosco,. has known to adapt offering a new Project and Services line based on renting, which permits the cities to install the required street equipment in each moment.

The uniqueness of Karmod Quiosco, is to take adventage of every discipline surrounding objects and space and enable their interrelation. We are proud to have the largest production capacity in Turquía and provide a technical support and a graet variety of accessories that complement all our products. Our wide range of production places us in a leading position in the market of city equipment development.

Casetas y módulos prefabricados para seguridad  

  • Control de acceso
  • Vigilancia
  • Puntos de información
  • Puntos de acceso
  • Cabinas de control
  • Garitas

USOS: espectáculos, playas, eventos deportivos, conciertos, ferias, fiestas, etc.

Máxima duración, portátiles, resistencia extrema al vandalis

Cabinas de Seguridad
cabinas de vigilancia precios
cabinas de vigilancia usadas
alquiler cabinas vigilancia
cabinas para vigilancia
cabinas prfv
planos de garitas de vigilancia
casetas de vigilancia portatiles
venta de garitas de seguridad

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