Prefabricated panel system building and Prefab panel homes

Prefabricated panelized System Buildings

Karmod Prefabricated designs and manufactures high-tech and superior quality panel system buildings that stand out in terms of short production times, services of transportation and installation, adaptable designs and easy re-location as well as a range of applications in any kind of environmental conditions.

The Karmod prefabricated panel systems can be manufactured as single-level, or two-storey buildings that can provide accommodation and other needs under any condition, with the additional benefit of competitive pricing without compromising the quality.  Modular Panel Construction System


Structural building components are the future of framing
Every year more and more builders choose to use component systems. Prefabricated roof trusses, floor joists and wall panels are recognized as the direction the homebuilding industry is heading. First conceived in the 1940’s, the use of structural building components has grown significantly.

World realities of scarcity of trained labor to frame houses, the need to maximize the efficient use of lumber and sustain our forests, and the necessity to reduce costs to make housing and buildings available to more people are the key reasons for the growth of component systems. Component systems are being used to build more and more homes in Turkey and around the world.

 Prefab Panelized Homes

The Energy Smart Insulated Panel System, Karmod, is an insulated panelized wall and roof system that offers homeowners and builders a faster and more energy efficient way to build a new custom home. We ship our panelized home packages all around the world.
Panelized is often confused with manufactured and modular homes, however, panelized is more closely related to stick-frame construction, except that it offers faster installation and a high performance structure.

By using our panelized home system, we can pre-assemble the wall and roof panels in a controlled environment to provide you with a complete weather shell kit for your new home. This will not only create a savings with on-site labor costs but it will also significantly reduce on-site waste removal costs while eliminating costly material overruns and delays caused by weather and material shortages. We ship the insulated wall and roof panel sections direct to your site, so that your builder can build your home on-site more efficiently with minimal waste.

Each Energy Smart Panel home is designed in our 3D CAD program allowing us to plan out all aspects of the structure before arriving to your site. This allows us to give you a precise estimate for your weather tight shell. Our computerized drafting software and manufacturing equipment work together so that we can guarantee accurate assemblies the first time.

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