Prefabricated Modular Buildings -Turkey

Commercial Modular Buildings & Portable Office Buildings

Karmod prefabricated buildings technology is a Turkey based manufacturer of prefabricated modular building solutions. As one of the most respected companies in the industry we have a wealth of experience exceeding 28 years. Our individually tailored modular building solutions include modular offices, temporary training rooms, portable buildings for sports and leisure facilities, modular accommodation, mobile classrooms, modular health facilities, military facilities, municipality buildings and prefabricated buildings. Our complete modular buildings and portable building package includes evaluation and design, site surveys and project management.

Portable office buildings and custom modular construction are the faster, more affordable, more eco-friendly solution compared to traditional building.
New buildings are expensive. And extended construction timelines drive the price up even further, often beyond budgets and available resources. Karmod can help you with temporary office buildings or permanent commercial modular buildings to suit your budget and needs.

Permanent and temporary prefabricated buildings

Karmod Prefabricated Construction is a highly recognised and valued brand because of the reliability and quality of its products. The company is one of the oldest and best-known companies in its sector both in Turkey and in the surrounding geographical region. Having successfully completed projects in many different regions of the world, including Russia, the Balkans, Asia, Middle East and North Africa, continental Africa and South America, Karmod possesses the experience, know-how and skill to work with companies to meet various standards.

Prefabricated Modular Camp site accommodation

Karmod Prefabricated Construction is a highly experienced supplier of camp site accommodation with various and large-scale EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) projects performed worldwide. According to engineering, design, project management, production, planning, transportation, packing, logistics, erection and startup capabilities, Karmod Prefabricated Construction carries out every project precisely by in house expert engineers.

Construction Offices & Trailers caravan ( containers )

Large construction projects can last months and even years. Fully-functional, cost-effective construction offices can make your team more productive from day one.
Large projects usually require a significant investment just to get things up and running. With a big crew, loads of heavy-duty equipment and a full project management team, delays and reduced productivity can become very expensive, very fast. Using temporary or permanent modular construction office trailers containers will get your operation on the right track right from the start.

 Low cost Prefabricated Modular House Buildings

There are inherent advantages to building under controlled conditions by applying the efficiencies of factory production to on-site construction. Karmod modular building system is a solid walled rapid building system, requiring low skill labour for construction.
The Karmod modular building system enables the contractor to achieve a high quality permanent house or building at a relatively low cost.

The Karmod Prefabricated Modular Panel houses

Karmod modular building system is based on the internationally recognized Structurally Insulated Panel Systems. The differentiating factor between the international system and the Karmod Modular Homes panel is that Karmod has introduced a steel frame into the panel to enhance the structural integrity of the product.
The Modula panel is a composite Structurally Insulated Panel with two external skins comprising of board and structural plaster and an internal core of polyurethane. Plumbing and electrical conduits are prefixed into the composite panels, so no need for chasing on site.


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