High quality Prefabricated houses

High quality Prefabricated house manufacturers

The big earthquake that took place in Istanbul in 1999 and the disastrous impact it had on people and buildings, draw the attention to the importance of prefabricated houses in the construction sector as an important solution for domestic and foreign housing projects.

‘Prefabricated houses have a lifetime of more than 100 years’ said Soner Kurnaz, general manager at one of biggest Turkish prefabricated companies. He continues ‘The sector has witnessed a rapid ascent over the last five years’.

Most people are concerned about how secure are their houses, and how secure are prefabricated houses compared with traditional concrete ones. Prefabricated houses structures are made of light strong steel according to the highest quality standards, which makes them perfectly safe, practical and modern solutions. ‘We have not received any complaints of the many housing projects that we accomplished’ states Kurnaz. He continues

‘Normal house warranty is about 80 years, whereas prefabricated houses have over 100 years anticipated lifetime. In addition prefabricated houses enjoy re-assembly characteristic at any time which is not available in other types of houses’

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