Prefabricated houses zimbabwe, Construction housing zimbabwe

Prefabricated houses zimbabwe 

Modern residential housing can be both affordable and attractive, with the Karmod Design range. Karmod prefab houses zimbabwe, offers a variety of low-rise residential building options that can be rapidly built and are comfortable to live in, for customers in both developed and developing areas.

Social housing

The Karmod prefab houses zimbabwe, System’s rapid, modern method of steel framing construction provides quality social housing to developing areas. Homes can be produced anywhere in the world, even without electricity, with the Karmod Mobile Factory. Simple assembly means local labour can be trained to build quickly and accurately.

Karmod prefab houses zimbabwe, The main feature of the Traditional style housing system is the lightweight trusses. This type of building system can be used for very large building structure, taking in consideration the combined strength of common walls, the ceiling, insulated panels and the trusses. This style is a very effective insulated structure but take longer than the African Housing style to install, due to the trusses.

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