Prefabricated Houses Africa, Public Housing

Prefabricated Houses Africa

Owning a house is one of the most important needs of every family. ALthough this is not very difficult in developed countries yet it is becoming like a dream in developing countries such as in the Middle East and Africa. Karmod Prefabricated Technologies presents its prefabricated structures as a solution for low income families to own a house easily. Our Africa Social prefab housing are the solution to fill the gap of required houses in Africa.

With a housing shortage in Africa and other developing regions, there has been a large demand for our prefab homes. Prefabricated hosing are a perfect solution to the housing crisis as they provide an affordable, durable and quick solution.
There can’t be another solution to have thousands of housing units on yearly basis other than relying on prefabricated technology. This is becoming feasible as prefabricated structures are preproduced within factory and send in parts to the final site. They are then assembled quickly thanks to their modular structures and delivered to customers as ready to use.

Governments are becoming aware of the modular prefabricated home industry and are encouraging investments in this sector

Any green home buyer should appreciate that modular homes are a very environmentally sustainable option in Africa too, and they can also be easily fitted with solar power System.
More Prefabricated Building Solutions for Africa, In addition to our single family prefabricated homes, we also have large scale design options for Africa bazaars, shopping arcades, and Africa Multipurpose Modular Buildings from Public Services like Schools and Hospitals, to Businesses Buildings for Offices, Retail Stores, Hotels or residential mutli-block buildings like apartments.

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