Prefabricated homes in kenya – Social housing projects

Prefabricated homes in kenya

Prefabricated housing is gradually becoming common in Kenya as time goes by. High-rise commercial projects built using pre-engineered steel structures are now visible, albeit scattered across Nairobi.

Low cost prefab housing solutions

We can provide a selection of pre designed low cost houses using our prefabricated construction system which offer from 45m2 to 150m2 of accommodation area and have been optimised for low cost housing projects. We can also design low cost homes to suit project specific requirements.

We offer custom design for other low cost buildings, schools, hostels, hotels, offices, town houses etc. just send a sketch of what you want.

Our prefabricated homes are manufactured in Europe and supplied as a complete package which includes the building, all of the internal and external finishes, sanitary ware and kitchen, double glazed window units, plumbing installation and the electrical system and lighting.

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