Establishment of prefabricated container city to accommodate Syrian refugees

A prefabricated container city for 10,000 Syrian container city refugee camp

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A container city for 10,000 Syrian refugees to be established in Malatya

Mr. Vasip Sahin the Mayor of Malatya said “maybe our Syrian brothers and sisters refugees will be our guests in Malatya”.

Governor sahin, said in a statement that a prefabricated container city will be established in Malatya in order to accommodate Syrian refugees. A study was conducted in advance to establishing the city, Mr. Sahin said, “It was not only related to the arrival of Syrian refugees” he added.

Turkey still remembers the earthquake it has experienced in Van and the difficulties it caused in terms of victims need for shelter.

This area of Marmara and Duzce has also experienced earthquake, however the earthquake in Van was more recently experienced, and memories resulted from it are still fresh.

Thanks to government of Van state a container city and prefabricated emergency residence units were created in very short time. This helped in opening the door to serving people’s needs in very short time.

Based on this successful experience Mr. Erdgan Bayraktar, the Minister o Environment and Urban Planning gave directions to conduct studies that include taking precautions for similar situations in the future. Mr Vasip sahin said “In various parts inside Anatolia and eastern Anatolian part, quick ready to use container houses and container cities will be stored”. Should a need arise –god forbids- because of a disaster in a neighborhood area, then immediately in one or two days homeless people can be accommodated.

Originally this was the intended use of the project that the studies suggested; however for the mean time it can help Syrian refugees who started facing living problems in Turkey.

“Now our work continues to establish a prefabricated container city that can host Syrian refugees in the near future” said Mr. sahin.

Indicating that 94% or Turkey is under the risk of earthquakes, Malatya mayor Mr. Sahin stated that “in Malatya, as we cannot predict every disaster and earthquake that could happen, we have to be prepared at any moment to face earthquakes in this region”.

The number of Syrian refugees has exceeded 140,000 records sahin. “We will establish a quick container city consisting of 2,000 containers that can accommodate about 10,000 people. This is not enough for now, yet there will be more in the future” sahin said.

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