Prefabricated Camps, Prefabricated military modular camps

Prefabricated camps

Karmod Prefabricated, a distinguished company within  was established in İstanbul in 1986. Since then, Karmd product range has served oil and gas sector companies, construction companies, military organisations, armies and relief organisations by providing temporary and permanent prefabricated camp solutions.

Accommodation camp production

Top-quality production has been a constant principle since Karmod early days. Today Karmod is proud to be the sector leader in Turkish . It enjoys recognition among some of the most reputable global brands and faces a confident future with a strong reach that spans 74 countries.

Karmod specialises in the design, manufacture and erection of prefabricated (modular) structures in Turkish and the rest of Africa.

Our extensive experience in the planning, design and erection of prefabricated camps in the sectors of mining, construction, military, police, education, and health services has enabled us to offer professional turnkey projects throughout Africa.

Prefabricated modular buildings

The stigma of quick, cheap, hot and dusty, that was attached to the old prefabricated buildings, was well deserved. Karmod has taken prefabricated modular buildings to the next level. These new buildings are dust free, well insulated and will last for 28 years plus if maintained. Buildings can be moved to new locations with ease, thus saving time and money. The majority of our permanent and mobile buildings are built to suit clients’ specific needs. Our product range includes:

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