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Prefabricated modular commercial buildings

As a trusted supplier of innovative space solutions for more than 28 years, Karmod Prefabricated Buildings has the expertise and local presence to assist you in the procurement of modular space that precisely fits your needs. 

Across all industries, developers must find innovative ways to meet space needs cost-effectively and within strict timeframes. Whether you seek to expand current facilities or add new standalone structures to accommodate shifting space requirements, modular construction buildings is an outstanding and increasingly popular choice.

We understand that one size cannot fit all and that large scale prefabricated or modular housing projects call for a mix of facilities requiring different prefabricated buildings solutions.

Karmod installs all utility services, fittings, furniture and other project specific auxiliary items thereby removing the costly need for multiple contractors on site.

Our strength lies in our specialized partnering network & years of experience across 3 continents. With these assets Prefabricated Building Soultions not only offers a comprehensive range of innovative prefabricated and modular buildings products but full A-Z service when it comes to project implementation.

Tell us more about your project & we will tailor a state of the art, industry compliant modular buildings solution for you – from concept development, custom manufacture & fabrication to quality management, logistics, construction & utility service installation.

Modular construction creates a permanent building using factory-made modules that are assembled and set on a foundation on your site. The key differentiation is that modular construction enables building completion in substantially less time than traditional construction allows, resulting in lower costs and earlier occupancy for the customer.

Time savings are achieved through a highly efficient process by which site work and construction of the modules occur simultaneously. With modular building, scheduling, trade coordination and construction sequences are streamlined. Modular building methods create a repeatable construction process with standardized practices and process efficiencies. And modular building is inherently sustainable, with minimal waste, increased efficiency and decreased site disturbance.

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