Prefabricated buildings nigeria, Modular school buildings

Prefabricated buildings nigeria

A Direct Manufacturer of Advanced Prefabricated Buildings
Karmod Modular construction is the process of using modules manufactured in a factory environment which are transported to site and connected together to form a complete building. This method of construction has many advantages over traditional construction techniques.

The Karmod Prefabricated Building, modular construction method creates significant cost savings and quickly produces buildings in a fraction of the time compared to conventional construction. The controlled fabrication environment and efficient construction cost strategies Karmod employs typically result in cost savings of up to 20% less than conventional construction. Our production efficiency, combined with our manufacturing environment that eliminates weather related delays, allows us to complete projects up to 50% faster than stick built construction.

Whether considering a temporary or a permanent building solution, we offer a range of design options in addition to full service Design-Build capabilities.

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