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Prefab Labor Accommodation

Karmod, Mine site accommodation is critical to the overall success of any resource operation. A safe, relaxing and well-maintained village means all the difference in the comfort and well-being of workers – and in your bottom line. For peace of mind, companies in Australia turn to  Karmod prefab buildings, for consistently comfortable living camps. From layout and landscape to amenities and service, every detail in our Prefab Labor Accommodation villages is designed to enhance the lifestyles of individuals.

Whether you need to book a room for a day, or a village for years to come, Karmod prefab by Karmod accommodates your unique needs and goals – at affordable rates.

All Stayover by Karmod prefab villages share a distinctive ambience, which keeps skilled professionals coming back – and loyal clients staying with Karmod prefab modular building for all mine site accommodation.

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