Pre-engineered steel buildings and Metal buildings cost

Karmod pre-engineered steel buildings

Precision & accuracy in the design of steel buildings and structures are the main aspects to make it economical, proper fit & aesthetics.

At Karmod pre-engineered steel building we offer complete design services according to the latest design codes and specifications. By using latest state of the art computer software and programs our engineering & design department aspires to create designs that ensure creative yet economical & aesthetically pleasing buildings and accurate trouble free fit of components no matter how complex or unusual the project is.

Reasons to Choose Karmod Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings:

  1. Lower building costs:.
    Nowadays, everyone is on a tight budget, looking for values, & more efficient ways to build without sacrificing quality. As standardized designs is used to reduce engineering costs, pre-engineered building is the way to build affordable, cost competitive structure.
  2. Quick Delivery & Faster installation:
    Time savings as much as one-third that of conventional construction time, pre-engineered steel buildings eliminate the need for on-site modifications time and expense to your project.
  3. Lower lifecycle costs:
    Achieve a greater return on investment (ROI) by choosing a pre-engineered metal building system. Unforeseen repair costs. Pre-engineered steel buildings can also be made extremely energy efficient to further lower operating costs.
  4. Virtually unlimited design& architectural flexibility: 
    Pre-engineered metal buildings can accommodate just about any size project, from offices to large multipurpose facilities. Karmod steel buildings offer a clear span of up to 150 feet wide with no columns required, making it a great solution for hangars, storage facilities, sanctuaries, convention centers, and gymnasiums. High eave height
  5. Expandability: 
    Expansion is another attribute that comes associated with pre-engineered steel buildings. Expanding any existing structure is as easy as removing the end wall and roof panel and replacing them as soon the new metal frame and wall have been added. The advantageous feature is not only the convenience of the expansion but also the economical cost of renovation and minimal interruption of normal operations.
  6. Green Technology: 
    Pre-engineered metal buildings are sustainable products with long life cycles, and offer an affordable way to build a green building. Steel building is made from recycled and recyclable steel.
  7. Re-locatable:
    Easily dismantlable & relocatable due to bolt & nut assembly. Optimum space utilization also another attribute of steel building.

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