Polyethylene portable toilet and Fiberglass modular portable restrooms

Polyethylene portable toilet and Fiberglass modular portable restrooms

The portable toilet and restroom industry has grown world wide due to the important economic benefits it provides to the construction and outdoor event industries. By providing convenient, on-site portable toilets and restrooms at construction sites and outdoor events, construction companies see an increase in worker productivity and event organizers gain increased sales due to the added time guests spend at their event.
The benefits of providing portable restroom services extend into other important areas as well, such as protecting public health and the environment.

Karmod prefabricated technologies is one of the world’s foremost and leading manufacturers of portable toilets, restrooms and associated equipment and is ideally located within a stable economic region in Turkey. The portable toilet and restroom industry is a global and expanding market catering for both the construction industry and the outdoor and leisure market and thus assisting in the ongoing welfare and hygiene for the general public.

The portable toilet cabin is used for a number of different applications; showers both hot water and cold water supply, wash rooms and wash stations again with both hot and cold water supply, mains connected toilets and, encompassing a number of these features into one cabin, the fully integrated portable toilet

Karmod is therefore your Number 1 option when it comes to portable sanitation equipment. We believe in the customer being the priority, being able to listen and understand a customers requirements in a diversified market and to satisfy their needs, coupled with products that offer quality and durability at competitive prices with a service that is unrivalled within this industry, so much so that you will be proud to offer your customers the very best facilities from a world leading manufacturer and supplier of portable toilet restroom facilities.

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