Portable security guard booths, Portable ticket booth and Kiosks

 Low Cost Portable Security guard booths and Portable ticket booth

 We offer a full line of tough guard houses for industrial or commercial applications. These durable pre-assembled buildings work great for security check stations or security buildings, guard shacks or guardhouses, security gate stations, scale houses, ticket booths, parking attendants & kiosks. Our guardhouses are top quality products and are loaded with standard features including double pane windows, insulation, electric panel Check out our guardhouses with instant pricing and illustrations.

We offer a full line of tough guard houses for industrial or commercial applications. They can be used for a wide range of applications from ticket booths, kiosks, scale houses, guard check stations, guard booths, parking attendant shelters, guard shacks or guardshacks and security offices. Our portable guardhouses are equipped with many standard features: electrical panel, phone jack, insulated glass windows, and fluorescent lights. Bathrooms are also available in our guardhouses upon request.

Our security cabins can be found all over Turkey and in 74 other countries around the world. Typically for internal market with the use of a forklift equipped with forklift extensions provided by your company our guardhouses are unloaded from our truck at your site. As for international markets, cabins are sent disassembled which reduces shipping costs to the minimum, then when they arrive to required location they are assembled by Karmod expert teams and delivered as ready to use.

The secure guard buildings can be customized with options such as interior counters which can facilitate monitoring within your company or site. Also known as guard shacks, security guard buildings, checkpoint booths and scalehouses, these secure structures are typically used in commercial settings. A security guard can comfortably use this structure with air-conditioning and/or heating, and stand or sit to maintain a secure setting in a customized guard building. Television or closed circuit could be set up by your company to facilitate your needs as well. The perimeter or internal setting of larger corporations or companies of any size can be secure with these guard buildings which you can customize.

Some applications for these secure structures include: Unauthorized personnel checkpoint, shipping ports, security gate areas, entrance gates at corporations, parking kiosks – for instance at large parking garages or secure parking garages, tall scalehouses or monitored gatehouses, secure gatehouse areas, secure college campuses, security patrol authorities, military check-in points. More applications include: construction sites, shipping harbors, dock authorities, large industrial sites, hospital security areas and any secure checkpoints requiring authorization in order to access an area.


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