Karmod is a world leader manufacturer of Portable Kiosks

Retail Sales and Service Kiosks

Offer your customers and employees a bright, clean, climate controlled environment.

Karmod Portable Kiosk’s experienced staff will work with you to develop the right building solution for your business. Karmod portable modular kiosk is fully insulated and ideal for year round outlets such as car rental depots, sales and service outlets, concession stands or any other retail and service business application. Karmod buildings arrive on site disassembled with all features and fitments included, then they can be quickly assembled by our expert teams and delivered as ready to use.

Karmod Sales and Service Kiosks can be completely customized to suit your particular size and operational requirements, finished with the architectural expression you want to depict your corporate branding or image.

Gas Island Kiosks

Functional and attractive – Gas Island Kiosks are the answer for Service Centers offering full service fueling.

The Karmod Kiosk series building provides gas attendants with superior shelter and the maximum amount of interior working space. The 360 degree viewing option ensures that attendants can see customer traffic and promptly handle the activity. Sliding doors are provided where traffic lanes for the pumps are directly beside the kiosk. Each kiosk can be customized to match the surrounding canopy or convenience store and is sized to fit precisely on the island where it is needed.

Choose from standard and custom finishes for the interior and exterior. Features such as electrical packages, mill-work etc., are all customized to suit your operation..

Ticket and Information Kiosks

Reward customers with reduced waiting times using multiple pay windows, or multiple ticket booths.

Streamline ticket sales and tourist information by using multiple communication and pay points. Whether you are offering advice and pamphlets to hundreds of tourists in a day, or selling event or transportation tickets to the crowds, you’ll need to handle the flow of people as quickly and efficiently as possible. Karmod Kiosk booths can integrate hi-tech communication and pay point systems in one large booth with multiple windows, or can reproduce small, single pay point ticket booths for multiple locations. The choice is yours. Choose from countless options to customize your booth including deal trays or rugged service counters at the pay windows, overhangs for weather protection, rolling shutters for optimal security when closed and even enhanced lighting packages to light up the surrounding area for safety and security during late night business hours.

Karmod Kiosk Ticket and Information booths are prefabricated , and can be finished 100% so all you have to do is add your own equipment and hook them up to services. Your signage can also be preinstalled at our plant if you so choose.


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