Portable containers, Portable temporary office cabin

Karmod portable temporary office container and Cabins

Karmod containers are temporary structures that are constructed to serve the urgent space needs of office and living spaces in different locations. These containers are mostly used at construction sites as site offices, workers and engineers residence and dormitories.

Our flat pack portable containers are built of-site and then moved at the site of construction to assembly. Our containers are very useful in cases of urgent needs that normally emerge after natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and floods.

Karmod containers can be joined together horizontally to form wider spaces for more functions or they can be stacked up to a height of two floors with metal stairs installed. Our portable containers can be produced based on many different plans and designs that meet different customers’ needs.

Karmod containers can be used for multiple purposes including: house container, office container, WC and shower container, Security container, construction site container, emergency accommodation container, dormitory containers, dining hall containers, construction site container buildings, office container buildings, oil and gas exploration sites container buildings, worker camps container buildings.


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