Portable cabin and Portacabins are with you in cold and hot weather

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As a world leading brand, Karmod cabins are produced to offer safe and comfortable usage in all climate conditions. Karmod cabins are highly insulated to serve under snow, rain, cold and hot weather conditions, which ensure that customers are getting enjoyable long-life living spaces.
Karmod Portacabin is currently enjoying 50% of the market share in prefab industry in the Turkey alone. Portacabin also extends its operations in the GCC countries by providing and exporting our product to countries like Qatar, Oman, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia etc.

Insulated cabins for all weather conditions

Karmod portacabins : Every construction site requires office, mess room, canteen and changing room buildings that are comfortable, attractive and versatile, as well as being robust and secure enough to withstand the rigours of busy construction sites.

ANY building you want, delivered on time and on budget, up to 50% faster than a conventional building – that’s the beauty of portable and modular buildings from Karmod Portacabin

Whatever building you need, no matter how large or small, whatever the end use, Karmod Portacabin can supply it.

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