Prefabricated Modular Mining Accommodation Workforce Camps

Lodging  Camp Services And remote Housing Solutions Karmod provides a full range of lodging and camp solutions as part of its prefabricated turnkey solutions suitable for natural resources exploration industries and military camps around the world. Our prefabricated modular …

Caravan for sale in uae

Caravan for sale in uae We are engaged in offering Prefab and Caravans that are highly appreciated for compact size, high structural strength and eye catching designs. These offices are available in different colors, sizes and designs as …

Guard cabin – Prefabricated Security Guard Cabins

Kiosks & Cabins for Sale Karmod modular cabin manufactures an extensive range of GRP portable  Cabins and Kiosks for the accommodation of personnel within industrial, commercial and public sector markets. Our standard range, mostly available from stock for …

Security first

Karmod knows the importance of security for a healthy work place

Plethora of Choices

Karmod offers a large variety of choices


Prefabricated Homes for affordable prices

Modular Cabıns

Karmod cabins are easy to transport and modular.

Prefabricated houses the most secure solution for living Nothing can replace living securely at your home. In addition to that everyone wants to have a nice comfortable home as we spend most of our lives in our homes. Prefabricated houses has emerged recently and widely spread as an important solution for housing problem. This type of houses is secure as it is earthquake and hurricane resistant and it is price-competitive compared with …
Prefabricated construction site buildings For construction sites that require quick and economic solution such as roads, airports, subways, fast trains construction sites, prefabricated buildings represent the most important solution. Prefabricated construction site buildings offer housing solution for site workers, managers and technical personnel. The most competitive advantage of prefabricated construction site building is the fast production and delivery to the required location as ready to use with economic price. Another important advantage is …
Low cost prefab husing South Africa High insulation of prefabricated houses Today, prefabricated houses and prefabricated residence are becoming more desirable solutions because of their thermal insulation. Mass production of low-cost prefab housing Thermal insulation in prefabricated houses is implemented based on the region where the house is installed. For example what might be appropriate in Istanbul might not be appropriate in Baghdad due to big difference in climate. Prefabricated houses are manufactured according to …
Prefabricated construction site buildings around the world Turkish prefabricated construction site buildings are always referred to when talking about the prefabricated sector around the world. Turkish prefabricated buildings manufacturers are implementing construction site container buildings and prefabricated buildings in many countries around the world. There have been a lot of technological investments in recent years in both production capacity and quality of prefabricated buildings. Prefabricated construction site buildings are designed at the …

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Karmod Prefabricated Building Technologies a leading company that was established in 1986 and since then has executed in about 100 countries around the World.

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