Karmod Modular Office Cabins, Security Kiosks, Guard Booths

Karmod Fiberglass Modular Kiosks and Cabins for all Events
Versatile products and ready for any occasion our retail cabins, ticket offices and guard cabins can adapt to any function.
Low cost delivery inside Turkey, perfect insulation, Available in a variety of designs and plans and Can be branded to your requirements.

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Fiberglass Modular Office Cabins
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Karmod Fiberglass Modular Cabins

Servicing the whole of the Turkey via a highly efficient logistics service, our modular cabins are preferred by different clients for different usages.
Our products are all manufactured in house, with complete control over quality and ensuring that our clients are only supplied with the highest standard equipment.

Our cabins can be easily and quickly assembled on site thanks to their demountable characteristic and delivered as ready to use within very short time.
Whatever your requirement, Karmod Fiberglass Modular Cabins have a solution for you. We offer wide range of products including:
Guard Cabins, Ticket Kiosks, Sales Kiosks, Portable Accommodation, Market Huts, Anti-vandal Cabins, Pedestrian Access Control, Vehicle Access Control, Taxi Stand.

Guard Booths Cabins
Our specialist guard cabins are available with multiple sizes and plans. Built in our own factory using the latest Fiber-Glass Reinforced Polyester(FRP) technology, our cabins are ready to use from arrival on site.
All of our cabins can be fully branded, allowing you to customize the look of the unit for purpose it has been purchased.
Our units are ideal for use as security posts, car park kiosks, checkpoints and tollbooths.

GRP General Purpose Temporary Shelter
Guard Shelter, Security Booth, Mobile Booth
Mobile accomadation/site office , Caravan Campsites
Modular security kiosks
Buffet cafe and bakery sales booths
Parking ticket sales booths








Customers can choose from a wide range of options to be added to their product such as: Surface mounted electrics, Interior light, Heater, Shelf, Exterior light, shelves, sun-visors, Counter desk and Toilet and shower also can be added.

Modular Retail Cabins
The versatility of our cabins makes them perfect for use as retail kiosks. Whether it’s a merchandising stall at a concert, an event, an air show or a sporting event, the units can be installed quickly and running in minutes. The ready to use function means less hassle for you with lighting and electricity installed, whereas the lockable doors and windows provide a professional and secure environment.

Fiberglass Ticket Offices
Our manufactured FRP cabins are ideal for use as ticket offices. The units are fully insulated, include power sockets and lighting as well as lockable windows and doors.

The units are available in a variety of sizes and plans and are ready to use as soon as they are assembled on site. They can be fully branded and customized  making them ideal for music festivals and outdoor events.
Our cabins are fully insulated sandwich panel walled units, Lockable door & windows, socket & lighting, Smooth hygienic easy clean finish, Steel sub-floor,Powder coated door & window frames, Available in a range of sizes and plans and possibility to full branding according to customer requirements.

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