Modern Prefab Modular Buildings and Commercial Construction

Commercial modular buildings and Commercial prefab buildings

Prefabricated Construction Process

Karmod depends on the latest manufacturing technologies, and the design flexibility of modular construction to produce high-quality permanent or temporary prefabricated buildings for any demand.

Commercial prefabricated modular buildings

Experience plays a big role in prefabricated industry as production is based on repeatable design. By time factory engineers and technical staff who are continually monitoring production processes can discover easily where are the drawbacks and apply improvements where possible to deliver the best possible product.


Karmod prefabricated commercial buildings start with building of steel structure. The structure is built of steel frames that are cold formed in Karmod factory using a seamless threaded technology. Once the steel structure is finished it is being shipped to the required location in pieces and then assembled by Karmod expert teams. Wall panels are also assembled on the structure based on the design specifications. Electrical wiring and plumbing are all installed as ready to use. Our strict quality control measures ensure that the prefabricated commercial building does not leave the factory before confirming manufacturing accuracy.

The prefabricated building is assembled on a cement foundation slab prepared by the customer.

Assembly and Finishing

After the modules are completely on site and the foundation cement slab is ready, the prefabricated modular commercial building is set into place by crane and connected to the foundation and each other to form a solid and durable structure.

The resulting prefabricated commercial building has similar aesthetic design you would expect from conventional buildings, yet with reduced time to occupancy and therefore you can start generating revenue directly and accelerate your return on investment.

Additional benefits of Prefabricated Office Buildings

The Karmod Construction Services Team can deliver environmentally-friendly prefab commercial buildings that meet the highest green standards

  • Factory-control makes the best use of materials and produces less waste.
  • Reduced energy consumption compared to on-site construction.
  • Minimal site disruption and pollution
  • Possibility of relocating the building to other locations thanks to its demountable structure.

Flexibility to expand your business 

When you take a decision to expand your business you will not take the hassle of onsite building with all the disruption and mess it creates. Thanks to its modular component nature, prefabricated buildings can be easily configured and reconfigured to meet you changing needs.

  • Add or remove prefabricated modules at minimal expense.
  • Reduce disruption with offsite manufacturing and quick onsite modification.
  • Adjust and adapt floor plan to support new workflows and evolving business needs.
  • Greater design control and therefore fewer change orders.

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