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Karmod Polyester site office cabins Turkey

Karmod Polyester cabinet system is a combination of advanced technology and modern design concept. Several types of cabins and multi purpose utility of polyester cabins can be provided with our new technology of panel mounting.

Our Karmod polyester cabin represents the perfect answer to your needs in site office cabin, guardroom, mobile WC or mobile showers. The applications of this street furniture are growing up with the success of our polyester cabin. The aestheticism of our site offices is already well-known in many countries who approves its integration in urban environment.

Our Karmod polyester cabins are offered in various sizes, plans and colors in order to fit all your expectations. The modularity of this street furniture allows to create customized plans, as you want in terms of windows and doors placements and interior partitioning.
Our Products have been delivered to more than 74 countries around the world.
The assembly is easy and it helps you save money on the transportation cost as many units can be shipped in the same shipping container.

Karmod Polyester cabinet panels are made from two layers of fiberglass supported polyester material FRP and in between injecting 40 mm hard polyurethane (40 kg/m3) foam to provide advanced isolation of heat and sound. As the panels are Fiberglas supported they are washable, anti-corrosion and anti- rust. The cabins , because of their material specifications, are light but strong.

The standard color of the panels is off white color; if requested differebt color can be applied

Easy to assemble and competitive price ! A perfect application : the guardroom and security cabins

Often used as a guardroom and security cabins, our cabin are tough and easy to maintain.
An innovative and attractive concept of street furniture. Your future guard booth is insulated and, thanks to an effective electrical network, is a friendly and comfortable office.

The Karmod polyester cabins are offered in sizes varying from 150 x 150 cm to 390 x 1230 (from 2 to 45 m²) and our Karmod mobile WC or mobile showers are offered in areas from 1.5 to 7 m²
Numerous options are offered : double glazing, display window, shelves…(see the list of options)
Clear instructions help you all along the assembly of your polyester cabin.

=> Your polyester cabin is made of sandwich panels in polyester resin with a polyurethane foam high-density insulation (40 kg/m3)
=> A silicon joint ensure the watertightness and the sound and heat insulation of your cabin
=> Exceptional resistance to weather, your site office is easy to wash and almost maintenance-free
=> Aluminum doors with electrostatic painting and 3 hinges
=> The cabins are delivered with phone plugs, electrical plugs and compartment
=> The windows, sliding or not, are made of toughened glass (4mm)
=> The foundation is made of a galvanized steel frame. An antirot panel(16mm) is fixed on the frame. A PVC coating assure the finishing touch
=> Our polyester cabins are certified ISO 9001 Version 2000 and guaranteed one year against every production default

Polyester cabinets have multi purpose utility areas like Guard Cabinet, Security Cabinet, Little Shop Cabinet, Changing Cabinet, Kiosk Cabins, Food Selling Cabins, WC Cabinet and Shower Cabinet, Security Cabin, Work Site Cabin, Office Cabin, Bulletproof Cabin, Taxi Stop Cabin, Car Park Control Cabin, Modular Cabinet and Portable Cabinet.

Options that are available for customers:

=> Aeration
=> Double glazing
=> Display window
=> Double glazing door
=> Tinted glass
=> 4 shelves store
=> Desktop
=> Eaves for sun and rain
=> Blind

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