Modular buildings manufacturers industrial prefabricated and containers

Whatever your space need was, Karmod is committed to deliver your modular building on time and on budget

Modular construction is basically assembling of complete buildings using individual modules manufactured at the factory. These modules are steel structure products produced to exact standards in factory conditions, where construction is not constrained by weather or adverse field. The modules are fully equipped with electricity, plumbing, heating and interior finishes before leaving the factory. Once ready, the modules are delivered to site, then placed with a crane on the foundations suited to building and site. The modules are assembled on site to create complete modular buildings of one or two levels.

Modular office solutions

Karmod offers modular office solutions adapted to your projects.
Whether You needed your prefabricated modular office as single or multiple offices complex? Indoors or outdoors? Anything is possible!
Modular office solutions of Karmod let you compose new professional areas that are functional, modern and cost effective. Whether for temporary or permanent use, our range allows you to find the best product for your needs.

prefabricated modular buildings

Whether you need simple modular building for temporary use, or stackable and joinable modules for long-term projects, discover our buildings that are specially adapted to your building projects needs.

Readily available, our prefabricated modular are easily transferable and respond to your evolving your needs. It provides an economic construction with quality and ready to use functions.

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