Low Income Housing Africa

Low Income Prefab Housing Africa

Karmod Prefab Homes, is a world poioneer in production of low cost housing solutions that are characterized by fast assembly period, environmentally friendly building materials that are fire resistant with superior insulation qualities, and best of all, homes that are inexpensive. Karmod prefab houses, are experts in the marketing and construction of low cost prefabricated housing solutions for many markets such as Iraq, Libya and many African countries. Our products include Student housing, old age homes, emergency housing, offices and mobile homes.
Reports are explaining that thousands of Africans are in desperate need of affordable low cost housing.
Karmod offers solutiosn that have Environmental advantages. Large reduction in construction time and costs. Using cement board eps-insulated Wall panels is a safe way to save energy, heating & cooling costs. Our African range’s main feature is the gable roof. The actual roof panel is the ceiling which is insulated with glasswool.
Traditional building methods are expensive and time consuming, and are not necessarily the best solution for low income groups in Africa especially due to their high cost. We felt that thousands of previously disadvantaged Africans will benefit from our low cost housing solutions because they will also not have to wait months for delivery.
A lot of social housing Projects are expected to start in Africa offering great solution for governments in their attempt to solve the shortage of housing problem in their societies.

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