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Mass production of low-cost prefab modular houses

Low Cost Prefab Houses
Low Cost Prefab Houses

Providing adequate low-budget housing for millions of people is a central goal of development policy of many countries in the twenty-first century. Escalating world population growth means that this goal cannot be achieved by conventional methods. For this reason, Karmod Prefabricated is working intensively on solutions that will make it possible to build large numbers of houses efficiently and at an affordable cost.

Karmod Prefab modular develops, builds and markets systems for continuous production of sandwich panels used in efficient, low cost prefab houses. To illustrate the practicality of this approach, Karmod Building has developed a prefab house. The walls and ceilings are made of sandwich panels. These are produced in a continuous process where the steel or aluminum outer layers of the panels are bonded with a core layer of polyurethane or mineral wool for thermal insulation. The materials used in a specific project can be selected for easy local availability.

The house design is based on increments of a basic dimension. The basic dimension can be taken from a local building material (eg, size of bricks, door or window widths, regional standards) and the panels manufactured to match. It is also possible to incorporate specific architectural preferences into the standardized incremental system. The Karmod Low cost prefab house has the lowest possible count of different elements, in order to keep costs down and make the house quick and easy to manufacture and erect. The basic low cost prefab house can be upgraded, if required, for example, by facing interior walls with plasterboard or cladding the outer walls.

Low  Cost Prefab Mobile production systems

The flexible manufacturing concept makes it possible to produce the sandwich panels on-site where a new Low cost prefabricated housing complex is being built. This mobility is a significant benefit, especially in providing emergency housing after natural disasters. One example of the almost limitless mobility would be to have the manufacturing system installed on board a ship operated by a charity and anchored near the disaster location.

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