Exports of living containers are loaded to Libya market

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Karmod, the pioneer name in the sector of prefabricated construction site buildings and containers, has finished the production of 130 construction site containers for the Libyan market, and products are being loaded at the port.

The events that the Libya has witnessed recently had its bad influence on the construction sector, however it started gaining back its vitality again as the whole economy is recovering. Karmod produced containers with 3 X 9m dimensions that are specially used by infrastructure construction companies. Containers were customized according to customer request in these dimensions. All containers were produced as living compartments with two rooms and WC and shower included.

The containers that were produced by Karmod were shipped by sea and will arrive to Libya as ready to use. They were specially manufactured for Libyan market to be used as construction site containers. Containers were loaded from Istanbul Ambarli port after production and they are on their way to reach Libya by sea.

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