Karmod resumes containers’ exports to Libya

Karmod’s ready to use containers exported to Libya

No doubt that Libya has entered a period of recovery after the collapse of Gaddafi. Infrastructure projects and construction projects has accelerated to face the urgent need caused by the massive destruction resulted from the war against Gaddafi.

Libyan companies that require living containers to help them in the process of rebuilding prefer our brand Karmod. Karmod used to export to Libya few years ago and now it started exporting again since the brand of Karmod is well recognized for its quality in Libyan market. Mr. Metin Dağlı, Karmod’s export manager said ‘We have started exporting to Libya with a shipment of 130 units of prefabricated ready to use containers.

These containers were especially manufactured to Libyan market to be used by infrastructure projects and construction site projects. Containers were produced with special size of 3 x 9 meters as ready to use, with each container having two rooms and WC/shower unit, and then they were shipped to Libya by sea.

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