Labor Accommodation camps, Temporary labor camp

Prefabricated Modular Labor Accommodation Camp Solutions

Karmod for prefabricated buildings provides on site accommodation that meets both your temporary and permanent shelter needs in any climate and on any location.
Karmod on site accommodation  can be customized according to customers’ needs. Customers can choose from wide range of functions to be included in the site accommodation plan such as office, warehouse, dormitory, dining hall, kitchen, toilets and showers, medical facility, ablution block, storage facility, mining and construction camps or emergency shelter.

Karmod is committed to offering top quality innovative solutions of on site accommodation to customers around the world.

Karmod Flat Pack Container  Labor Accommodation Camp  Solutions

Whatever was your space needs from school, clinic or library, or a special construction, mining or exploration camp with homes and offices, accommodation, storage, sleeping, ablution, eating, laundry and recreational facilities. Karmod flat pack containers represent a high tech solution that is strong cost effective and quickly installed. In addition to that flat pack containers allow customers to make significant savings in transportation costs thanks to their demountable structure.

Karmod flat pack containers can be joined together and then partitions can be added to form required plan and requested functions. Furthermore they can be stacked on each other up to three floors height, which makes them best solutions for work camps, dormitories, dining halls, schools in rural areas, hospitals and health centers, construction site buildings and offices.

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