Kiosks – Karmod Kiosk design and manufacture kiosks

Karmod Kiosk design and Manufacture Kiosks

To understand our customers’ objectives and deliver solutions that will allow those customers to maximise opportunities for their venues or events.
This is achieved by leveraging opportunities to increase promotional sales throughput by the provision of cost effective and highly flexible additional retail space.

Karmod Kiosk booths can integrate hi-tech communication and pay point systems in one large booth with multiple windows, or can reproduce small, single pay point ticket booths for multiple locations.

Rapid Retail is helping to transform the often poor customer service record associated with too many venues, both large and small.
By installing tailored and fully fitted modular shop and merchandising units, Rapid Retail provides attractive, flexible and mobile additional retailing and display space, characterised by its distinctive image and branding.Provide an improved image and secure commercial environment for programme and ticket sales & collection or for providing information and can be used at a range of sporting and commercial venues.

Units can be branded in club or corporate colours and can be fitted with appropriate power and IT facilities.

Kiosks can be tailored to take a variety of utilities, including:

  • Programme Sales Kiosks
  • Information Point Kiosks
  • Ticket Sales/Collection kiosk
  • Security Office Kiosks

Rapid Retail is continually developing its products and services to suit individual clients’ specifications. In addition to shops and kiosks, the company also supplies:

  • Concourse Trolleys
  • Wardrobe Units
  • Display Units
  • Trailers
These units offer a ‘branded’ focal point for fans and visitors, improving the whole event experience and helping to market future events.They can be quickly and easily sited and can be repositioned if necessary.

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