Flat Pack Container and Flat pack storage steel container house for sale

Flat pack storage steel container house  for sale

Karmod Flat pack Container is the African market leader for the supply of containerized and prefabricated/flat-pack mining camp solutions.

Karmod storage container and multi-house container system offers a superior quality space solution at a competitive price.
Multi-house packs are transported in ‘flat-pack’ units, reducing transport costs by up to 75%. The units are modular in design and can be joined together with windows and doors positioned to suit almost any application. They are ideal for ocean freight and hassle-free delivery to any international destination.

Flat Pack container building Manufacturers
Flat Pack Cabins and flat pack Containers offer a full range of Flat Pack Portable Buildings including flat pack office cabins, flat pack containers, flat pack stores, flat pack chemical stores and flat pack garden offices.
Our products are of top quality as they are constructed from only the best materials, and our flat pack buildings are long life solutions. Our products are multi-purpose solutions and at an affordable satisfying price.

flatpack container
Flatpack container

Portable buildings are used in many different locations, yet many of these diverse products, that are used for different functions, seem to have evolved through an ad-hoc process. Very few demountable buildings have been designed with respect to end user’s specific requirements, and fewer utilize knowledge from previous projects or advanced technology available. The temporary nature of these structures has led to the assumption that they are disposable and that there is therefore no point in expending resources in the creation of a better product. Organisations that use relocatable units are generally prepared to accept products that are readily available on the market, not because they are adequate for their needs, but because they do not challenge the perceived limitations of buildings of this type. The quality of modular buildings has therefore been restricted by a lack of awareness of their potential from both the manufacturer and the user.

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