Demountable container buildings – Demountable containers for construction

Mobile demountable container house and portable storage containers

Karmod Demountable Container is the leading containers manufacturer in Turkey and the wide range of products we produce put us among the world leaders. While wondering in Turkey cities and streets you can find our products in many places. Our brand is widely recognized for its high quality and high customer satisfaction.

In production of Demountable containers we use the most advanced technologies. Demountable Container panels are made of steel sheets and thermal-insulating material (polyurethane foam, mineral wool, IPN, etc).

Our containers can be used for many fuctions such as: Office containers for construction sites, housing single container or container housing settlements; kindergartens, schools, etc.; Demountable containers can be used for installation in remote locations; storage and warehouse container, public toilet facilities; ambulatory containers, permanent facilities clinics, health centers, kitchen containers for construction sites; specific containers for GSM operators, electricity generators, garage, mobile containers for restaurants, fast food, bars, etc

Karmod living containers are produced with many plans and models in 2.4

x 6 m and 3 x 7 m standard dimensions. Apart from that, Karmod container manufacturing can be performed with requested width and up to three stories by use of jointed demountable container model.Demountable  containers come in reduced transport dimensions and are intended for usage in distant locations. When compared to standard containers, Demountable containers offer up to 4 times less transport space and then reduce the transportation costs. The time for assembly per unit on location (two persons ) is approximately 45 minutes.

A Demountable  container can be individually used for specific function or it can serve as part of a system to for a modular building structure that can be used as offices complex, on site accommodation, dining hall, dormitories…etc.

Lifting by crane

Containers are usually lifted by crane one by one, however also forklift lifting is possible by adding forklift holes. Units become thicker if the container had inner walls and doors.
Please contact us for an offer that includes the spatial concept, transportation and installation.


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