Container and Containers

At Karmod we can provide high safety for your goods

Karmod A Turkey, Istanbul based company that is specialized in providing prefabricated solutions for wide range of usages. Among its top selling products are containers that are designed based on wide range of plans and different dimensions options.

Karmod containers are environmentally-friendly products and are highly insulated with strong structures.

Because of their symmetrical shape and relative durability in the face of inclement weather, shipping conatiner and containers have become the favorite building block of eco-conscious designers and architects. We’ve seen them incorporated into everything from hotels to gymnasiums.

We have office conatiner and containers that are made from the same heavy duty steel frame found in our storage containers. These mobile office conatiner and containers are designed for portable office use or as a construction office but may be moved from site to site and offer a secure portable onsite setup at remote locations.

Our containers are designed especially for secure storage and are delivered right to your site. With these conatiner and containers, you can have separate offices or leave them open to maximize the space. You can configure our office storage containers in many different ways to suit your needs. We specialize in modifications that include facilities and installations like insulation, drywall, electric, lighting, AC and heating, which may all be added to mobile office conatiner and containers. A toilet modification is also available.

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