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Construction Prefabricated Buildings

Permanent Modular Construction Karmod provides an alternative way of approaching the logistical challenges associated with traditional site-built construction projects. Karmod creates construction solutions that can be applied in a wide range of situations.

A pre-fabricated modular penthouse component. A prefabricated industrial module being transported to the jobsite.

By using industry-leading virtual construction technology, Karmod is able to identify elements of a construction project that can be prefabricated as modules of various sizes and complexity in a controlled factory environment. By doing this, Karmod is able to significantly improve the productivity and efficiency of the construction process, while reducing the time that would have been required to build these components onsite. The Permanent Modular Construction approach is also inherently more “green,” as it generates less waste and reduces vehicle traffic to and from the main jobsite.
Karmod ‚20,000-square-foot production facility provides the capacity to prefabricate many different project components.

Permanent Modular Construction is a versatile component of Karmod ’s broad offering of construction services. Karmod is able to draw on in-house resources, and those of its trade and consultant partners, to integrate Karmod seamlessly into project deliveries. Off-site modular construction also creates the opportunity to assemble more specialized workforces to increase efficiencies while enhancing quality on any project.
Engineering, module assembly, and site work can proceed concurrently when modular construction techniques are employed, significantly reducing overall cycle time. Improved site access, reduced congestion and trade stacking, and less need for scaffolding all enhance productivity and safety. Modularization allows workers to perform a constant scope of work closer to the ground and in accordance with consistent standards, procedures, and policies. Because so much construction is performed off-site, modularization greatly reduces workforce requirements including camp and transportation costs.
Karmod reinforces Karmod ‚century-long track record as a construction company dedicated to providing construction services that are focused on meeting each client‚ unique needs.

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