Construction Workers Residential City and Refugee Camp Buildings

Prefabricated Modular Military Camps and Flat pack Container Camp Facilities

Karmod for prefabricated buildings is specialist supplier of modular and prefabricated military camps and facilities, office buildings and shelters.
In projects where workers and staff are living and working, there are demands for certain facilities and buildings to keep comfort to a maximum. Military camps and related facilities including accommodation, cooking facilities, medical units and toilets ans showers facilities. All Karmod products are designed for easy transport and rapid assembly.
Karmod also produces modular container camp facilities that provide complete turnkey solutions catering for commercial, military and humanitarian applications. Prefabricated modular military and containerized buildings can be easily transported and rapidly deployed, making them an ideal choice for military applications. Karmod’s modular solutions enable large scale camp developments to be rapidly ordered and installed, whilst also offering a high level of customization to meet individual requirements.

Prefabricated Modular Kitchen, Dining Halls, and Recreation Facilities
Workforce Housing – Kitchen and Dining Facilities
Our kitchen and dining units are constructed with durability and longevity in mind for extreme climates and the most remote locations. No matte what was the size of your workforce, we can provide kitchen and dining facilities to meet your needs.

Prefabricated School Buildings

Prefabricated school buildings are  perfect solution when you require additional modular cafeteria or dining hall space because of the increased number of students. Karmod Modular Building Systems’ prefab school buildings can be delivered in a short period of time, giving your students, faculty, and staff modular cafeterias and dining areas that are spacious, functional, and attractive.

Prefabricated modular portable shower toilet units and containers shower WC units
Karmod offer a vast range of portable toilets, toilet blocks, urinals, single shower units and shower blocks nationwide throughout Turkey.
Whatever your need, and no matter what was the occasion, we have portable toilets and showers for every occasion and all at competitive prices.

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