Modular classroom buildings and Modular school buildings

Prefabricated modular school buildings

Quality modular buildings for classroom and community use

Prefabricated modular school and classroom buildings

Karmod modular buildings produces completely new solutions of permanent, flexible, environmentally-friendly and functional education spaces that meet the changing needs of educational sector.

Karmod became a famous choice among schools and early years learning facilities that is looking to establish modern and quick learning space.


Our innovative construction process that depends on sandwich panels enables us to establish buildings of any size and functions making them suitable for a variety of uses including: classrooms, adult training centres, multi-agency team meeting centres, active learning, washroom and changing facilities, libraries, teachers rooms…etc.Whether your need was to small-scale classrooms to accommodate increasing number of students, or you wanted a complete school building solution with any capacity, Karmod can provide you with a ready to use solution that best meet your needs in a very short time.

We only choose top quality building materials and parts that we filtered from among top brands in the market. Furthermore Karmod adopts modern production techniques and strict quality control measures that all together guarantee our products are far ahead of competition.



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